Best Behaviour: Neuroscience and Health

20 January 2019
Presented by Katie Haylor.


this is a picture of someone eating chocolate cake


This month we’re lifting the lid on health-related behaviour at the UK's Academy of Medical Sciences and USA's National Academy of Medicine's Rosenthal Symposium on health behaviours. We're asking what neuroscience can tell us about why we tend to overdo it on the cake, despite knowing we shouldn’t, and looking at how understanding behaviour can help us change it for the healthier. Plus, we’ll discover what’s hot off the neuroscience newsreel with the help of some local experts.

In this episode

People Driving

01:08 - Distracting car passengers

How distracting are you as a car passenger? The answer could lie in your own driving skills....

Distracting car passengers
with Duncan Astle, Cambridge University; Helen Keyes, Anglia Ruskin University

Joining Katie Haylor to cast their eyes over the latest neuroscience papers were cognitive neuroscientist Duncan Astle from Cambridge University and perceptual psychologist Helen Keyes from Anglia Ruskin University. First up, Helen came across news of research that could put a few passengers in a spin!

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Eating Cake

10:45 - Apple, or chocolate cake?

What does stress do to our decision of whether to choice a healthy, or not so healthy, snack?

Apple, or chocolate cake?
with Todd Hare, University of Zurich

How does the brain make decisions about what to eat? And how does stress influence this decision? Katie Haylor spoke with neuroeconomist Todd Hare from the University of Zurich, to find out. 

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17:51 - Pick a pint glass

Could the shape of your pint glass influence the speed at which you drink your pint?

Pick a pint glass
with Marcus Munafo, University of Bristol

Drinking excessively and smoking cigarettes are major health problems. But can the physical environment around booze and cigarettes impact our behaviour? Katie Haylor spoke with University of Bristol psychologist Marcus Munafo, who's been looking into this. Firstly, Katie wanted to know what goes on in the brain when someone decides to have a 2nd, or maybe 3rd, drink...

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Children running

27:17 - Helping kids develop healthy habits

How can stress impact on kids' health behaviours, and what can be done to help?

Helping kids develop healthy habits
with Greg Miller, Northwestern University

Could stress play an important role in children's health-related behaviours? Katie Haylor caught up with Greg Miller from Northwestern University in Chicago, who looks at how kids who come from families with fewer economic resources tend to have worse health outcomes...

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