Biological target for future anorexia drugs

Scientists have highlighted a receptor in the brain that might be a useful drug target in anorexia...
27 April 2021
Presented by Katie Haylor


A CGI image of a neuron, coloured purple


Anorexia nervosa is a cruel, complex and serious mental health condition. It involves deliberately losing weight in order to keep body weight as low as possible. And through investigating brain circuits involved in regulating body weight and which can go awry in obesity, Roger Cone from the University of Michigan and colleagues, along with scientists from Vanderbilt University, have now shown that activating a particular receptor called MC3 in the brains of mice encourages them to eat more, whilst at the same time also suppressing fear and anxiety. And Roger thinks this has interesting implications for better understanding, and hopefully one day coming up with drug treatments for, anorexia. He spoke to Katie Haylor.


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