Reflecting on recent science news stories and current events, authoritative thinkers unpack the implications for society. Naked Reflections is chaired by Ed Kessler, director of the Woolf Institute, Cambridge.

09 January 2022

Stephen Hawking’s family recently donated his entire archive, from juvenile scribbles to final scientific papers, to...

29 December 2021

At the darkest time of the year, we explore the theological and aesthetic significance of light in all its forms...

12 December 2021

We discuss the ancient shared musical heritage of the Middle East and offer some graphic musical illustrations...

05 December 2021

Why were COVID infection rates so high in some Muslim and Jewish communities?

28 November 2021

The Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland is under pressure. What does the future hold?

22 November 2021

How we can build more sustainably and improve the urban environment we've inherited...

15 November 2021

Is interfaith just slappy, clappy sarees, samosas and steel bands, or a serious engagement with difference?

08 November 2021

Marking 100 editions of NAKED REFLECTIONS, Rowan Williams and Chris Smith discuss the merits and dangers of eloquence...

01 November 2021

There's more to paganism than someone who takes their clothes off and dances round a stone circle...

24 October 2021

We seem to be drowning in a rising tide of anger and rancour. How can we disagree better?

17 October 2021

There’s a disturbing amount of anti-Semitic material on the social media, and hate postings in general are rife...

11 October 2021

Neither the Torah nor the Quran are short of violent calls to arms. So is this where terrorism comes from?

02 October 2021

The theory that the COVID epidemic escaped from a lab in Wuhan is gaining traction...

25 September 2021

“Big Pharma” is sometimes painted as a greedy villain, protecting its patents at any cost. But is this fair?

17 September 2021

Paypal handles it, and Bitcoin is now legal currency in El Salvador. So what’s next for the crypto currency revolution?

12 September 2021

The gap between rich and poor is getting ever wider. Or is it?

03 September 2021

There’s more to decadence than eating too much chocolate cake. It can be an artistic movement with serious intent for...

12 August 2021

Exploring the concept of childhood through literature, psychology, religion and education...

05 August 2021

From encouraging positive action around pensions to restoring old masters and manuscripts too fragile to touch...

29 July 2021

It's crucial to science, diplomacy, theology and literary culture, but it’s not always easy to get a translation...

22 July 2021

Could space be where the next arms race plays out?

15 July 2021

Black Britons 70 years after Windrush...

08 July 2021

Does justice have to be served to bring about reconciliation? Or does the memory of some harms just fade away with time?

01 July 2021

What is it, and do we accept it?