Reflecting on recent science news stories and current events, authoritative thinkers unpack the implications for society. Naked Reflections is chaired by Ed Kessler, director of the Woolf Institute, Cambridge.

22 April 2020

Two religions come together to discuss the Moses story, as told in the Qu’ran and the Torah...

15 April 2020

The way we perceive colour is not straightforward. What the eye delivers to the brain, the mind then interprets. But...

08 April 2020

How can we go about dealing with depression?

01 April 2020

A doctor, a faith leader and an historian discuss the implications of the coronavirus crisis. Will it transform our...

25 March 2020

APOCALYPSE is a Greek word meaning revelation. But it has taken on a darker meaning, especially now...

18 March 2020

Should religious rules about diet be ignored to save the planet?

11 March 2020

What would Twitter and Facebook do for a 21st Century messiah?

04 March 2020

Plans for the climate summit in Glasgow are in chaos, we consider the urgency of climate change action...

26 February 2020

What is the theology of alcohol?

20 February 2020

More than a metaphor: research suggests that our gut affects our moods and vice versa...

09 February 2020

Humour takes many forms, and analysing humour is a dangerous game...

30 January 2020

Forgiving is a serious matter but can it come from nowhere? Or is an apology needed first?

25 January 2020

Why did the genome-sequencing Institute face allegations of ethical misconduct?

19 January 2020

According to creationists, the world and human beings were created in six 24-hour days about 6000 years ago...

14 January 2020

Are we playing God, or ridding the world of disease, creating a super race, or laying bare our deepest human nature?

18 December 2019

We explore the concept of childhood through literature, psychology, religion and education.

12 December 2019

How should we die? Can we plan or hope for a good death? Medical advances mean life can be prolonged as never before...

05 December 2019

Is the loss of faith in authority a perfect storm of an Internet fuelled delusion that we “know it all ourselves”?

28 November 2019

“It’s the hope that kills you…" Optimism, hope’s more pragmatic sibling, is not always rewarded either. Why?

19 November 2019

Is travel a necessity, statement of religious faith, uncomfortable chore or a self- glorifying quest?

12 November 2019

What does inclusivity in society mean?

05 November 2019

The Amazon forest was burning up this summer, the huge Greenland icecap is melting. What’s to be done?

29 October 2019

What exactly is a crime? It’s not always obvious: both Socrates and Jesus were treated as criminals...

01 October 2019

When uncertainty creeps into scientific enquiry or religious faith, is it a sign of failure?