Reflecting on recent science news stories and current events, authoritative thinkers unpack the implications for society. Naked Reflections is chaired by Ed Kessler, director of the Woolf Institute, Cambridge.

11 April 2021

April is Autism Awareness Month, a global event to improve the understanding of this condition...

01 April 2021

A sense of hope seems to be essential to human wellbeing, but could it be delusional?

24 March 2021

When communication goes wrong, bad things happen...

17 March 2021

Corruption is a widely condemned mode of human behaviour. But are we as honest as we would like to think?

11 March 2021

Are we in danger of putting all our eggs into the COVID basket and ignoring the dangers of worldwide obesity?

05 March 2021

Are robot wars a real possibility?

24 February 2021

How do you deal with a manuscript that’s so fragile you can’t touch it, or an old canvas that needs touching up?

18 February 2021

Two distinguished peace makers discuss war crimes, conflict and justice...

11 February 2021

Addiction can take many forms and it’s worth remembering that none of us are immune to its temptations...

04 February 2021

The movement of peoples seems to be as old as the hills they move across. We take the long view...

28 January 2021

Claims for a game-changing A.I. breakthrough in biological science were made recently by Google. True or hype?

21 January 2021

Where does blame end and responsibility begin? Why do we find it so difficult to take responsibility for our mistakes?

13 January 2021

How the accounts of creation in scripture compare with the latest biological research...

31 December 2020

How are we prioritising whom to immunise against Covid-19 first? And is that the right way?

17 December 2020

Some Christmas magic, but not as we know it...

10 December 2020

Reflecting on the contested aftermath of the American Presidential election and Trump's legacy...

04 December 2020

Immortality is a fantasy so we better get real about death and dying...

25 November 2020

What does it take to make an effective peacemaker?

18 November 2020

The findings of the Woolf Institute’s Diversity Study of England and Wales 2020 were published this week...

11 November 2020

Is the way we mine the minerals for electric car batteries and mobile phones fair or responsible?

04 November 2020

Insights into acts of God, and how to prepare for them...

28 October 2020

The tough moral and ethical choices facing us as we struggle to deal with second wave of the COVID pandemic...

21 October 2020

A look at the long history of writing, from tablets to tablets...

14 October 2020

When a pathogen jumps from an animal to a human, bad things can happen...