2021 UK-Japan Workshop for Young Scientists 2

The risks of nuclear power and simulating asteroid impacts: the scientist and student perspective
27 July 2021
Presented by . 
Production by Eva Higginbotham.


Image of nuclear power station on a sunny day


Students from across the UK and Japan came together for a week of remote learning, finding out about cutting edge science while also learning more about Japanese and British culture. One group was tasked with learning about science communication, and making three mini podcasts about science. Their podcasts would explore the science being taught in the other groups, and how their peers were faring with the experience. Here is the second of these podcasts, exploring the teachers and student perspectives on how we simulate asteroid impacts, and whether all we've heard in the media about the dangers of nuclear power are true. This podcast was made by Sharon Anthony, Dillon Haunton, and Rei Yoshimoto.


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