Your quickfire guide to hot scientific topics...

29 November 2019

Why might someone need a new kidney, and what's involved in the process?

02 October 2019

How do gene therapy techniques work, and what are the risks?

03 September 2019

Human papilloma viruses are the cause of cervical and head and neck cancers in men and women.

03 September 2019

Worldwide, nearly 40 million people are infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Here's the Quick Fire...

03 September 2019

Up to 10% of young people are infected with chlamydia. Here's the Quick Fire Science, from Phil Sansom...

31 July 2014

Driverless cars will be trialed on the roads of the UK by January 2015

17 July 2014

When there is a supermoon, the moon looks especially big and bright. But what causes it?

10 July 2014

Smallpox is one of the deadliest viruses in human history- but how was it eradicated?

06 July 2014

The second-last wild-born Spix's Macaw has died, setting back captive breeding efforts.

19 June 2014

This week the USA has carried out its first executions by lethal injection since April.

12 June 2014

This week a program reportedly passed the 'Turing test'. But what does this actually mean?

04 June 2014

This week, the 'Godfather of ecstasy', who made and tested over 200 psychoactive substances, died peacefully...

22 May 2014

This week, a farm worker in Argentina stumbled upon a bone belonging to the largest dinosaur to have ever walked the...

15 May 2014

This week an explosion and fire in a mine in Turkey claimed almost three hundred lives. But why are explosions such a...

08 May 2014

This week the Royal College of Physicians criticised the standard of asthma care in the UK. Here's your Quick Fire...

24 April 2014

This week, a boy survived the flight from California to Hawaii, hidden in the wheel well of a plane. Just how amazing...

03 April 2014

Wednesday, the 2nd of April was World Autism Awareness Day so here's your Quick Fire Science to help you get to...

27 March 2014

It's a black box recorder which could hold clues as to how the flight MH370 crashed. But how do they work?

20 March 2014

With the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 still missing after nearly two weeks, some people are asking how you can lose...

06 March 2014

What causes the phenomenal natural light show that is the Northern Lights?

20 February 2014

The Winter Olympics are finishing in Sochi, Russia this week. But how is science involved in grabbing gold on the...

13 February 2014

A young, physically healthy giraffe called Marius in a zoo in Copenhagen was put down. We try to understand why.

06 February 2014

Doctors are trying to bring Michael Schumacher out of a medically induced coma. But why are medically induced comas...

30 January 2014

Purple tomatoes might soon be making their way onto our dinner plates as the genetically modified fruit is being...