Did the lockdown make us more creative?

Does expressing ourselves creatively make us feel better? Or are we more creative because we feel good?
17 May 2022
Presented by James Tytko
Production by James Tytko.


Paintbrushes dipped in yellow and red


Now, I want you to cast your mind back to that first lockdown (if you can bear it) and to think about the ways you chose to fill all that new found free time. Perhaps, like the participants of a survey conducted by the Paris Brain Institute to learn more about the effects of the pandemic on creativity, you decided to sharpen your culinary skills, or spent more time pottering in the garden. But what can this uptick in artistic endeavours in such strange circumstances tell us about the way we react to new situations? This and more was the topic of conversation between James Tytko and Alizée Lopez-Persem...


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