Mouse plague in Australia

There's mice flooding Australia, but are they dangerous?
25 June 2021
Presented by Charlotte Birkmanis
Production by Charlotte Birkmanis.


A mouse.


Eastern Australia is currently in the grips of a mouse plague. Mice live everywhere people do, often undetected. Right now though, highly favourable conditions have caused mice populations to explode in the eastern states of Queensland and New South Wales. A year of abundant rainfall after several years of drought has led to bumper crops, providing lots of food for mice, allowing them to not only thrive but also reproduce at an astonishing rate. Farmers are using zinc phosphide-coated wheat bait to combat the pests, the only registered in-crop rodent killer for the management of mice in broad-scale agriculture in Australia. Charlotte Birkmanis spoke with the CSIRO’s ‘Mr Mice Guy’ Steve Henry to find out the latest...


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