MS vaccine using your own brain cells

Injecting material made from myelin-producing brain cells can turn off multiple sclerosis...
17 November 2020
Presented by Chris Smith
Production by Chris Smith.


a picture of a brain firing off electrical signals


Could an injection of your own brain cells be a way to halt multiple sclerosis - MS? It sounds surprising, but that's what researchers in the US are finding in mice with the disease. In MS, the immune system attacks the brain and spinal cord, damaging a material called myelin that wraps around and supports nerve fibres. But an extract of this myelin material, made from the oligodendrocyte cells that normally produce it, if injected into the bloodstream can permanently deactivate the rogue immune cells responsible for causing the MS. Speaking with Chris Smith, Abdolmohomad Rostami is one of the researchers behind the discovery…


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