A new dimension for graphene production

2D materials, like Graphene, now have a new way of being produced.
07 December 2016
Presented by Liam Messin


2D materials are objects that are only one or two atoms thick. Graphene is the most well known of these but many incredibly thin substances exist. These exotic materials are strong, flexible, semi-transparent and great conductors of electricity. But before they can be used in novel technologies we need efficient ways of making them. Graphite, as found in pencil leads, is made up of many layers of graphene and to isolate graphene all these layers have to be peeled away one by one until only a single layer is left. Researchers at UCL have found a new method of obtaining single 2D sheets from layered materials. Paddy Cullen, the study's lead author, spoke to Liam Messin about how they went about this.


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