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Miss In Vitro, Miss In Vivo and Miss In Silico battle it out to become the Next Genetics Top Model.
10 May 2017
Presented by Kat Arney
Production by Kat Arney.


From the Genetics Society Science Communication Workshop 2017: If you were hoping for distractingly sexy leggy ladies in lab coats, you’ve come to the wrong place - scientific models are something rather different. When we look at human health and disease we can’t always use humans for example if we’re testing a new drug, or investigating how diseases develop and spread for obvious ethical reasons. Instead, we approach this problem by using different models or mock-ups to represent healthy and disease states in other ways. In the studio today we have three of these models which in their own way represent different aspects of human health: Miss In vitro, Miss In vivo and Miss In silico. These three contestants will all be vying for the crown of genetics next top model but you decide who’ll take it.

Hosts: Beth Rogoyski and Amy Pashler

Miss In Vitro: Kirsten Farncombe

Miss In Vivo: Rachel Bonnington

Miss In Silico: Lidiya Nedevska

Guests: Professor Alison Woollard, University of Oxford; Dr Emma Hodcroft, University of Edinburgh; Dr Kat Arney

Producer: Jonathan Smith and our guest expert, Kat Arney, to whom we’d like to give special thanks for her help in producing this podcast.

Music: Last Summer by The Whips

Recorded at the Genetics Society Communicating Your Science workshop at Chicheley Hall, April 2017


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