Pitch perception - a special skill?

Humans can perceive pitch in a way macaque monkeys, our closest relative don't...
21 June 2019
Presented by Ankita Anirban
Production by Ankita Anirban.


A baby macaque


When it comes to understanding how the brain functions, scientists have done a great deal of work on studying macaque monkeys, our evolutionary relative. We share 93% of our DNA and in a lot of ways, our brains are very similar. Even for high level operations such as learning, memory and decision-making, our brains work in comparable ways.. However, when it comes to sound, scientists have discovered that humans seem to have a unique edge in how we perceive pitch. Ankita Anirban spoke to Bevil Conway, from the National Institute of Health in Maryland, on his recent work comparing how humans and monkeys respond to sound.


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