Search and rescue rats

These heroic creatures could soon be saving lives...
15 June 2022
Presented by James Tytko
Production by James Tytko.


Apopo trainer


Apopo is a charity that trains African giant pouched rats for humanitarian purposes, with a view to combating some of the challenges faced by countries in the developing world. Originally, they trained these much shunned rodents to sniff out unexploded landmines left over from wars in countries like Mozambique. More recently, their keen sense of smell has also enabled trainers to develop them into excellent detectors of Tuberculosis carriers, so that patients can get diagnosed more quickly than before and receive treatment. Now, these Hero rats as they’ve been dubbed, are being prepared for a new mission: Search and Rescue from sites of natural disaster. James Tytko got the story from Donna Kean, working with Apopo in Tanzania on the new project...


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