Self-cleaning surfaces

Hate cleaning? Wish things just wouldn’t get dirty? This technology might help...
02 February 2020
Presented by Amalia Thomas
Production by Amalia Thomas.


purple bacteria cells on a green background


It’s that time in the year when it’s coldest and we are all susceptible to catching a cold or a flu. There’s not much we can do about that now, but researchers at McMaster University in Canada have developed a new cling-film-like wrap that can be used to coat objects to make them bacteria-, water- and dust-repellent. This was achieved with a combination of three steps that involve heating a film of plastic to make it shrink and wrinkle, then adding nanoparticles to introduce surface roughness, and coating it in non-stick chemicals like Teflon. Tohid Didar explains to Amalia Thomas how it works...


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