Sleep quality and Alzheimer's disease

Could sleep monitoring be an early screening tool for Alzheimer's disease?
15 January 2019
Presented by Katie Haylor
Production by Katie Haylor.

Woman asleep

Woman asleep


One terrifying prediction is that, by mid-Century, up to 30% of adults will be affected by a form of dementia, chiefly Alzheimer’s Disease. This happens when proteins called beta-amyloid, and tau, build up in the brain and damage nerve cells. But scientists think this begins to happen decades before a person develops Alzheimer’s symptoms, meaning we might have an opportunity to intervene and change the course of the condition if we can tell who’s affected sufficiently early. Now, researchers at Washington University in St Louis have discovered subtle changes in the patterns of brain waves we produce when we sleep in people with early Alzheimer’s. Katie Haylor heard about the work from the study’s author, Brendan Lucey...


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