Spinosaurus: was it a giant, toothy heron?

Spinosaurus lived near water. But did it swim like a crocodile, or hunt like a heron? A new paper weighs in...
09 April 2021
Presented by Phil Sansom, Adam Murphy
Production by Adam Murphy.


An artist's rendition of a spinosaurus.


Spinosaurus was a dinosaur that was around 13 metres long, and looked a little like a T-Rex with the addition of a massive sail on its back. There’s been much debate around how it lived; while it seems to be tied to the water, it's unclear how close those ties were. One theory suggests it was actually like a crocodile, living a pretty aquatic life. But new research points to features of its anatomy that suggest that it was a lot more like a giant, very toothy heron, waiting at the water’s edge. Adam Murphy spoke to David Hone from Queen Mary University of London about the dino debate…


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