Vodka from Chernobyl on its way to UK

The first shipment of Atomik vodka - supposedly safe to drink - is awaiting release from Ukrainian customs...
19 May 2021
Presented by Chris Smith, Phil Sansom
Production by Phil Sansom.


Atomik vodka in packaging


If you live in the UK, you should soon be able to drink vodka... from Chernobyl! Which might sound like a radioactive nightmare, but the stuff is - supposedly - completely safe to drink. Not only do radioactive particles get removed during the distillation process, there were few originally there at all  - thanks to how well much of the environment around Chernobyl has recovered since the 1986 disaster. The project is the brainchild of researchers in Ukraine alongside environmental scientist Jim Smith from Portsmouth University. They’ve just distilled the first batch of their vodka, but unfortunately as soon as it set off from the distillery it was seized by Ukrainian authorities - so Phil Sansom asked Jim how he’s got himself into ‘customs limbo’...


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