BAFTA Games Awards 2020: Winners

Who were the big winners and losers at the Gaming BAFTAS 2020?
22 April 2020

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast


A first place trophy.


Outer Wilds has won the prestigious “Best Game” prize at the 16th annual Bafta Games Awards...

You find yourself on a planet with 22 minutes on the clock before the local sun goes supernova and kills you. I’ve had worse days at work.
The title's writer Kelsey Beachum gave credit to players saying: "Word of mouth has been essential in getting people to play the game, you're all really beautiful"'
Thanks, I know!


Hideo Kojima creator of the Metal Gear franchise, was honoured with the Bafta Fellowship - the highest accolade the organisation can give.
But his latest release, Death Stranding, which was nominated for 11 awards... won just one for technical achievement…


There was more disappointment for adventure game Control… one of our favourites!
It also had a record 11 nominations going into the event and only won once... for the performer in a supporting role category. Looks like “seize” the game’s ability, where you can control other people’s minds... didn’t work on the judging panel


Untitled Goose Game won best family game… despite the main character being an anti-social goose who steals from the innocent…


...and finally, one we’re excited to get our hands on when it gets released on Mac and consoles... is the PC Game Disco Elysium, which won a GAMING BAFTA for best Debut game… as well as two others.


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