Founder of eSports team G2

Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez tells us what it's like to run one of the biggest eSports teams in the world...
24 November 2020

Interview with 

Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez, founder of eSports team G2


Carlos Rodriguez


Chris Berrow interviews Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez, founder of eSports team G2.

Carlos - It's part of our job to number one, understanding, you know, where, uh, these, this whole thing is going, you have to understand what people like to watch him as you know, in terms of movies, what people is is craving for. And we sort of digest all the information and we sort of automatically understand which game is going to be relevant tomorrow. Right? So people are looking more towards, you know, maybe battle royales or something because they want to feel that sense of accomplishment of being the number one out of a hundred people. For example, we, I think we already went through that and I feel like things are slowly shifting again, right?

Chris - What's your number one game?

Carlos - League of Legends. Nothing gets close. Not FIFA, not Call of Duty, nothing gets close. I still see people that 10 years ago played 10 hours a day, still playing 10 hours a day today. So it has the, it has the learning curve that allows for new players to want to come by new players, to want to play the game. Any has that depth to ensure that hardcore players stick around for many years and that's the formula every publisher's trying to hit. Right? And that, I think only a few have been able to hit and the players themselves as well.

Chris - Nowadays prize money is absolutely huge. Nowadays you're talking millions and millions of dollars people, again, who aren't quite into e-sports. They might look at it and go, Whoa, this is, this is a huge industry. That must be a great thing to be able to tap into for you because there's all this money on offer kind of thing.

Carlos - As a matter of fact, prize money only accounts for less than 10% of the overall revenue. Christina Ronaldo has been playing at the highest level for like what 15 years. An eSport competitor will play at the highest level for three, four, five tops... on top of that games might come and go. 



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