Gaming News for August 2020

Find out the latest gaming news for this month with Leigh Milner
22 August 2020

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Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast


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Leigh Milner and Chris Berrow look at the latest gaming news for August 2020...

Leigh - The League of Legends European Championship has cancelled a sponsorship deal with the city of Neom in Saudi Arabia... after backlash from fans. The game’s developer Riot was criticised for taking money from a country that has a poor record on human rights. Now the company says it realises the deal had "caused rifts in the very community we seek to grow". 

If you want to look at a house that you’re thinking of buying, but you can’t get there, or you’re worried about visiting because of coronavirus, then don’t worry… you can look round with your very own virtual reality headset. You can choose a circle to stand in, and see what the room looks like. 8% of Zoopla listings have a virtual tour option - you need an expensive headset to take advantage, but it might become more popular in the future. 

Earlier this year we spoke to Sims 4 fan, Ebonix, who told us about the different accessories she was making for fellow “Simmers”


Now… EA has responded to critics who say the number of skin tone options in The Sims 4 is too limited. They promised that more diverse choices will be a "priority", and issues around existing tones are also set to be addressed. Well done Ebonix.

And finally in controller news, my favourite kind of news, Sony has confirmed that its existing PS4 controller will not work with PS5 games. They say “We believe that PS5 games should take advantage of the new capabilities and features we're bringing to the platform, including the features of DualSense wireless controller”. Bye bye money, looks like it’s going to be an expensive Christmas.


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