Retro Revival - Tamagotchi

As classic Tamagotchis are rereleased, are they as good as we remember?
17 July 2019


A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders


Leigh Milner reviews a Tamagotchi with original programming, ahead of new releases next month. Can she keep it alive for 24 hours?

Leigh - It's arrived. It's arrived. Get it open.

Oh my God. It takes me back to school. For ages 8 and up. Yeah. They'll do me nicely in the original packaging Tamagotchi. Generation One did they do different generations must have done.

Okay let's get this bad boy opened now.

You can tell that I'm old because I now read instructions. When I was younger I just used to turn it on and press those buttons right.

Okay so the little tab here activation you must do three things wake up Tamagotchi character from its million light years sleep by removing the insulating sheet pull paper tap from side of body write carelessly this the I think that means it's alive a little egg has appeared Oh look at it so cute.

Okay I see the quite tiny just the size these spits inside of your palm and my little egg is just moving up and down.

How long is it gonna be like that for I'm going to go make some dinner see what happens.

So it's been five hours waiting for this thing to hatch. I mean how an eight year old gets through this. I have no idea. Slight psychological torture he go child have this to play with. Oh wait it doesn't work for five hours so just just sit there and watch this egg going up and down. I didn't have done something wrong but now I have to take it to work with me so I've only just realized in the canteen. That it won't hatch unless you set the time and apparently.

It hatches. Five minutes after you set the time. So let's see if I can capture this moment.

It's hatched.

I'm gonna call you Blob. No Mr Blob. Mr Blob. So let's have a look. The buttons here at the bottom. You press them. Selects different icons you've got Manderson duck weighing scales food light bulb and games case. So the blob is just. Go side to side up and down on the screen. So let's see if we can feed that meal or snack cake of a meal. There he goes. Looks like Pacman. If we play game with it that'll make it happy won't it. Oh. God I forgot how annoying.

That sound is. Okay. That makes you happy. I've no idea what's going on in this game. I was pressing buttons. I think you've got to guess. Which direction is going to go so I'm just in the em in the work canteen. Play them a Tamagotchi Okay so I win 3 versus 2. Okay so he's happy little sunshine I can comes up great night not again. Okay. Give it a rest now.

Ah he's done a poo. That's. Duck icon. Flush away. Yeah a happy sunshine icon.

Winning Oh you're never gonna guess what's just happened again. So literally the screen went blank everything went black I thought Oh my God you're gonna have to send it back to Amazon. No Mr. blob has evolved into pancake face literally. How is it how long has it been. What. An hour or so. He's evolved into pancake face so I just thought I'd let you know.

Okay so since we last spoke. Yeah. Things. Things. Things have got much worse. So approximately there was some time between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. I must have slept in... I was doing a night shift and I left him asleep and you know I switched the lights off on the Tamagotchi… I saw little z's coming coming from the bottom of the screen and I must've forgot about him. So um Pancake Face is dead. I don’t think he lasted 24 hours. To be fair you know I thought he was asleep. I put him on silent.

I forgot about him. Little tombstone on the front so he didn't make it to one day. Rest peacefully Pancake Face.



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