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Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

18 July 2014

With the planet in the middle of its 6th mass extinction event, does de-extinction hold any hope for the species we are...

18 July 2014

Why was a population of ancient humans munching on a rather foul tasting weed, even after the dawn of agriculture?

08 July 2014

The Tour de France has been running since 1903 only stopping for the two world wars. So how much have bikes changed...

17 June 2014

A 3D print of the spine of King Richard III has shown that the monarch probably wasn't a hunchback...

10 June 2014

Commercial science publishing is distorting the process, argues eLife Editor in Chief, Randy Schekman...

27 May 2014

This new prize offers £10 million to individuals who can solve 6 pressing modern day problems.

07 May 2014

Professor Hank Greely from Stanford Law School explores some of the ethical issues around genetic testing for...

19 November 2013

Matt Burnett discovers how the bladder of a sturgeon fish can help restore ancient manuscripts....

30 October 2013

Chimps use similar conceptual metaphors to the human "top of the tree" or "bottom of the pile" to...

15 October 2013

What does tunnelling under big cities turn up for archaeologists?

15 October 2013

How did Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his father construct the first under-river tunnel?

16 June 2013

Chris speaks to scientist and eLife Deputy Editor, Fiona Watt,about the free journal.

16 May 2013

James Harrison from the EPSRC explains how modern scanning techniques have allowed us to read parchment too delicate to...

02 May 2013

Oliver Caroe of St Paul's Cathedral discusses how he looks after one of London's most famous landmarks.

11 April 2013

We visit the Malpa site in South Africa where fossils from some of our earliest human ancestors are found...

14 March 2013

Medical Historian Richard Barnett tells the story of the epidemiologist John Snow and asks whether we've...

23 January 2013

We discuss the ethical and social implications of 'Smart Drugs'

18 December 2012

This week, scientists have uncovered residues of 7,000-year-old cheese. Chemist Professor Richard Evershed from the...

11 December 2012

A new scientific journal is being launched this week in Cambridge. We hear how it differs to existing journals and why...

07 December 2012

Humans enter our story of the history of the oceans

07 December 2012

Giant reptiles cruised the oceans in the Mesozoic

07 December 2012

3 billion years later, signs of complex life in the oceans begins to emerge

07 December 2012

The story of the oceans begins 3.5 billion years ago with living rocks that made the earth habitable.

04 November 2012

Cows milk is a remarkable food – not only for drinking, but for cheese and butter, yoghurt and cream. So when did we...