Interviews about History

Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

14 November 2017

And what did their brain look like?

14 November 2017

Who built the Pyramids? And who was buried in them?

07 November 2017

New modelling of the catastrophic meteor impact has given us a clearer idea of what happened afterwards.

31 October 2017

Could our favourite monster legends have scientific origins?

31 October 2017

The bravest of the Naked Scientists team ventured into the dark and eery turrets of Madingley Hall in Cambridge, on our...

31 October 2017

Scientists have developed new insights into dinosaur colouring and camouflage.

24 October 2017

How do tattoos remain in the skin?

17 October 2017

Could our machines become self-aware?

10 October 2017

Can we extract DNA from ancient samples?

26 September 2017

What could exoskeleton technology mean for the future?

24 August 2017

Can scientists prevent or predict the end of the world?

24 August 2017

How an ancient Babylonian tablet has finally given up its 3,700-year-old mysteries.

18 July 2017

Two institutes on opposite sides of the Atlantic developed a joint course to encourage networking between early-career...

18 July 2017

How accurate is the primate science in War of the Planet of the Apes?

06 June 2017

Cyber crime is overtaking conventional crime: what can we do about it?

30 May 2017

What are the secrets lying beneath our feet?

16 May 2017

A new discovery sheds light on the appearance of Homo naledi and when these ancient human relatives were alive.

09 May 2017

Did a falling apple really inspire Isaac Newton's theory of gravity?

30 April 2017

Female researchers are less likely to be invited to review scientific papers.

25 April 2017

Why are scientists marching all across the world?

13 April 2017

DNA tests can reveal your ancestry, as well as any skeletons your family may have in the closet!

04 April 2017

The team get stumped by some tricky questions...

28 March 2017

How did Rutherford split the atom, and build up the picture we still use today?

28 March 2017

How do animals in the deep blue sea manage to disappear?