Interviews about History

Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

23 June 2020

Can you guess my name from the clues?

15 June 2020

The dead sea scrolls are a famous historical treasure. And ancient DNA has uncovered new clues...

09 June 2020

Wieman won a Nobel prize for making a Bose-Einstein condensate - seventy years after they were predicted...

26 May 2020

How have scientists adapted through history?

18 May 2020

How does science reach governments and politicians? It's not a transparent process...

18 May 2020

Preprint servers let scientists communicate and collaborate - but are they bypassing peer review?

18 May 2020

In some fields, three fifths of published papers can't be replicated or independently verified...

18 May 2020

How the peer review process got started, and how it's changed

12 May 2020

Using science to keep Nobel prizes safe

12 May 2020

How the atomic bomb was developed

12 May 2020

The road to breaking the enigma cipher.

12 May 2020

Identifying and commemorating the victims of the medical experiments

12 May 2020

The development of the V2 rockets

12 May 2020

How did radar change the course of the war?

12 May 2020

Going from biplanes to spitfires

05 May 2020

Can the players identify these famous scientists?

05 May 2020

Which team were crowned the winners of the Naked Scientists pub quiz?

07 April 2020

We have a sneak peek of a new bio-pic all about Marie Curie

17 March 2020

Adam Murphy’s been looking back home with this tribute to Irish science…

05 March 2020

If you've sequenced your DNA, be careful what you do with it...

05 March 2020

Before we get into the questions, it's time to introduce the panel...

25 February 2020

How time can tell you where you are at sea

18 February 2020

Adam Murphy’s been looking at some cracking science: using eggshells to take a dinosaur’s temperature...

11 February 2020

To what extent will departing from the EU affect UK science?