Interviews about History

Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

22 October 2019

We see what you've been sending in

14 October 2019

Why do they have half a million people's DNA?

08 October 2019

It's quiz time! Who will emerge victorious?

01 October 2019

Archaeologists have detected milk in bottles from thousands of years ago...

17 September 2019

Back with Elizabeth Bruton at the Science Museum in London…

17 September 2019

One of the world's most famous codes, and how it was broken...

13 September 2019

There's no gene for cuteness, but here's the next-best thing...

13 September 2019

What's the future for flat-faced dogs?

13 September 2019

A century and a half of dog breeding has left its mark...

14 August 2019

Mendel's laws were also used to support less savoury ideas...

14 August 2019

In 1900, everything changed...

14 August 2019

Genius doesn't spring from thin air...

13 August 2019

Peter and Nadia face off against Livia and Duncan...

06 August 2019

How did we discover the electron?

23 July 2019

Landing on the moon was an iconic moment in history. Our listeners share what it meant to them...

23 July 2019

How did the Apollo 11 get home? Their return could've been a lot worse, as physicist Katie Mack reveals...

23 July 2019

What happened during that giant leap?

23 July 2019

NASA had a decade to get it right but why was a "Moonshot" so important?

08 July 2019

Protein sequences from freshwater molluscs solves and archaeological riddle...

18 June 2019

Carolin & Colm face Haydn & Ljiljana in our battle of the brains...

31 May 2019

New eLife editor-in-chief Mike Eisen shares his vision of how science should be communicated

21 May 2019

Jenner, cowpox, and the first vaccine.

23 April 2019

Microbiologist Luke McNally brought a potent potion to the Edinburgh Science Festival...

23 April 2019

Do the lumps and bumps on your head mean anything? Sophie Goggins busts the myths of Phrenology.