Interviews about History

Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

12 March 2018

How much energy does it take to power your computer?

12 March 2018

Let's meet the panel...

13 February 2018

Drawings on rocks reveal the mystery of the first modern humans.

23 January 2018

Past, present and FLU-ture.

09 January 2018

What killer compounds have emerged from the history books?

02 January 2018

What did Homo Naledi's brain look like?

21 December 2017

How do you measure a ghost?

19 December 2017

Are scientific papers becoming more impenetrable in their lexicon implementation? Indubitably!

19 December 2017

Dinosaurs had to contend with bloodsucking ticks millions of years before we did.

12 December 2017

Predatory journals are spreading fake science...

20 November 2017

Enjoy a glass of wine? So did our neolithic ancestors...

14 November 2017

What number is bigger? Tastebuds on a human tongue, or the number of stone blocks used to build the giant pyramid?

14 November 2017

And what did their brain look like?

14 November 2017

Who built the Pyramids? And who was buried in them?

07 November 2017

New modelling of the catastrophic meteor impact has given us a clearer idea of what happened afterwards.

31 October 2017

Could our favourite monster legends have scientific origins?

31 October 2017

The bravest of the Naked Scientists team ventured into the dark and eery turrets of Madingley Hall in Cambridge, on our...

31 October 2017

Scientists have developed new insights into dinosaur colouring and camouflage.

24 October 2017

How do tattoos remain in the skin?

17 October 2017

Could our machines become self-aware?

10 October 2017

Can we extract DNA from ancient samples?

26 September 2017

What could exoskeleton technology mean for the future?

24 August 2017

Can scientists prevent or predict the end of the world?