Interviews about History

Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

20 March 2016

What is the sugar tax, why is it being imposed and, most importantly, will it work?

15 March 2016

What makes Cambridge Science Festival so special?

15 March 2016

Synchronising comes naturally to humans, from the way we breath to the way we walk, is it the secret to our success?

15 March 2016

How can scientists become great communicators? FameLab can help.

07 March 2016

There are two remaining samples of the smallpox virus: should we destroy them?

07 March 2016

Should scientists be allowed to give viruses dangerous properties to study how to combat them?

07 March 2016

Smallpox was the first disease ever to be wiped out by science, but how did we do it?

07 March 2016

The UK's longest running study turned 70 this week, so what did we learn?

26 February 2016

Einstein predicted gravitational waves a century ago with the publication of his theory of general relativity. But what...

26 February 2016

There's been a lot of excitement surrounding the discovery but how does this fit within our wider ideas about...

26 February 2016

Gravitational waves made a big splash around the world but why has their detection revolutionised astronomy and physics?

19 February 2016

Everyone is talking about how great the discovery is but does it have any applications?

15 February 2016

Is kissing really seen as romantic the world over? It's less common than you might think...

08 February 2016

X-rays can reveal the internal anatomical details of certain fossils

05 February 2016

Did you know the Brits drank coffee before tea? That not enough grounds were grounds for divorce? Or that goats...

02 February 2016

One way to tackle food security is by changing consumer behaviour, but how do we go about doing this? Let's learn...

25 January 2016

A burial site discovered near Cambridge has provided DNA evidence to unpick the history of the UK.

25 January 2016

The idea of time being infinite is not a new concept but could solve many of our problems in physics when considering...

11 January 2016

When it comes to hayfever or any other allergies, you can blame your neanderthal ancestors...

05 January 2016

What's the difference between DNA, genes and a chromosone? No, this isn't some terrible science joke...

03 January 2016

My next selection dates from September 2013, but it covers a topic that dates back much further - that of genes and...

22 December 2015

Christmas is the perfect time to relax in front of a festive film, but this December there is one film that has been on...

21 December 2015

In September a discovery was made that will change history book but who were Homo Naledi and what do they mean to us?

21 December 2015

Would you eat Nutella from a nappy or would it be off limits? Ginny Smith surprised Kat Arney with this challenge.