The International Results

Who won DOTA 2's massive competition The International?
21 September 2019

Interview with 

Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


A first place trophy.


With the biggest prize pool in competitive gaming history… The International is a competition  in the game DOTA 2 (which by the way is short for Defense of the Ancients)… How much money?

$34 million dollars. First prize was taken by the European team OG DOTA… who became the first ever back-to-back champions of The International.


It’s fair to say the commentators were excited...

The best-of-five finals saw OG DOTA take the series three-to-one over their rivals Team Liquid.

First prize was $15.6 million dollars.

Team Liquid in second place took home nearly $4 and a half million dollars, so not bad.

The winners will have their names engraved on the Aegis of Champions… a trophy that’s shaped like a shield and made of bronze and silver, a prize which money can’t buy. Unless you want a replica off of eBay... for £100 quid.


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