Review: F12020

Can Chris in the Silverstone Grand Prix in F12020?
30 July 2020

Interview with 

Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast


Formula 1 car


Chris Berrow tries to win the Great British Grand Prix...

Chris - Formula One has finally returned, and they just released F12020 on consoles and PC.

Leigh Milner - Now I decided to challenge Chris because, well, he watches so much FormulaOone. He should know what he's doing. So can he win the Grand Prix?

Chris - Right? Let's race. Go, go, go, go. Right. Can't believe it right up on the inside of the no brake too hard there. That's the first time we played this game... fast. T'm going to get you brake, brake, battle. If you're missing anything to go by, you've got no chance. Just cut the corner. No worries. I can do this. Oh, I lost my front wing. Something got taken out. It's done. Anyway. Strong start strong start. Right? Absolutely drove it to the back of Vettle. The pace, the power, absolutely dominating the Great British Grand Prix.



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