Review - FIFA 20

The latest game in the FIFA franchise FIFA 20 is out now, but are the problems resolved?
21 October 2019

Interview with 

Drew Miller Hyndman, Broadcaster and FIFA enthusiast


A playstation controller


Drew Miller Hyndman reviews FIFA 20...

Drew - Another year another FIFA. They've completely changed up how the gameplay works this year and I am loving it. It's actually difficult to play for against the A.I. again. They've also fixed the pace so a fast striker is actually faster than a sense of back. Very satisfying. You're not gonna be facing the same three strikers online and the same for defenders online because you've got a way out. Do I go for speed where I know I can probably outpace someone but will be hopeless in the air or do I get for a bit more height and hope that my pace is still a little bit higher than theirs.

I'm absolutely loving online play and I don't really play online. They've added new modes. They've done pretty well with pretty much everything that it's fun. They have got a new sort of story mode that replaces the journey mode of previous years. That's really cringey and actually quite unplayable in terms of cut scenes. It's fun to play the VOLTA mode, but it's less fun to listen to one dimensional characters deliver lines in a way that just makes me bite my tongue and curl my toes. But the main change is to the gameplay and I think it makes this FIFA probably one of the most revolutionary since we had the Frostbite engine first come to FIFA and I think it also makes it probably one of the best ones. I think this will actually be enjoyable.

The one thing that I think I'm not positive about is the changes to career modes that were really really hyped up. It is still another FIFA. In essence it is still another FIFA but it's probably the most different FIFA from the previous year. We've seen in a long long time and I'm really excited to explore all the new features they put in and the different ways they've changed the game.

Chris Berrow - So it sounds good but after about a week of playing free for 20 Drew actually sent us this update.

Drew - Now unfortunately for all this excitement there are several game breaking bugs coming in this game. It basically means that right now career mode is unplayable at least one of these glitches will happen to you. It's kind of sad and it's a real shame. And they have promised a patent is coming soon but. Right now it's not something that I can even play or recommend buying for now. Maybe when it comes towards Christmas time they will fix that but right now the bugs are pretty unforgivable.

Chris - So not actually looking as good as it originated. So maybe wait till it comes down in price.



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