Review: FIFA 21

Is the 29th FIFA game in the series worth your money?
22 October 2020

Interview with 

Drew Miller Hyndman, Naked Gaming Podcast


Football players inside a see-through football


Drew Miller Hyndman is back to review the next FIFA game - FIFA 21.

Drew - FIFA 21 feels a little bit like FIFA, 20.5. If this game had come out 10 years ago, it wouldn't be a whole new game. It would be a piece of DLC. I guess the main changes come to the gameplay and those changes are very welcome if maybe not going quite far enough and to career mode. So I'll start on career mode. It's a nice change to have a training and youth system. That actually means something it's a lot more fleshed out. It's not just simulating the same five training sessions that you would always do before. 

You do have to think a little bit more about it is a little bit more frustrating trying to manage the sharpness of your players. Yes. Another thing to try and manage. The game mode changes are probably the thing I'm happiest about. And I guess most excited about they have made players feel like they are actually moving and responding to the way you're playing the game.



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