Review - RAGE 2

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner put the sequel to RAGE through its paces.
16 July 2019


A playstation controller


RAGE 2 is the sequel to the first person shooter RAGE which was released in 2011.


Chris - I've played this one this morning so I've had about an hour with it. I'm intrigued to know what you think. I'll go first. I started off and I thought this was an awful game. I thought this is really boring since the first person shooter right now if you played rage one. It's quite funny. It's quite slick. You get some quite fun weapons you get something cool like a wing steak where you throw this kind of almost like a three pronged like frisbee type thing. Enemies and it kills them and then it flies back to you and that's quite cool then you get to fire your guns. The first level the tutorial essentially was so boring. All the enemies were the same nuff. There was just nothing good about it. Then I got past that and I got the shotgun and I did the first missions and I started to enjoy a bit more overdrive. You get kind of slow and then I thought this is just a really boring game. So then I put on the Danny Dyer mode.

Leigh - I didn’t find that Danny Dyer mode.

Chris - No because he's not very well listed right. So to get Danny Dyer mode which is basically Danny Dyer doing commentary over the top of your shooting and killing game... you go to cheats and then you put on diamond geezer. Like geyser right and it's exactly like that. Except that they obviously only bothered to record about 20 minutes with Danny Dyer. So after five minutes he starts saying the same thing again. Who spilled crimson me. Sorry about the impression it was that spilled crimson.

Leigh - sounds like my dad still some Yorkshire there.

Chris - So it started to get acceptable when I got the shotgun but after an hour's worth of play I was basically bored of Danny Dyer and I don't know if I could continue to play. I found it really boring. So for me it's a it's like a four out and I've got to agree. I think the storyline was so basic Yeah basic can I can I just add it because you've just reminded me it is basic because loads of characters die around you in the beginning. You know it's not really spoilers in the first 10 minutes they go oh they've died anyway Oh yeah your auntie's died.

Leigh - It loses that emotional touch unlike the previous game but I think it's for me it was also pretty full on at the start.

Chris - All the bad guys were doing exactly the same thing they looked the same I was just like yeah.

Leigh - I think the first person view is also a little bit awkward, if you want to run around killing mechanical aliens without a clue what's actually going on exactly what you actually meant to be doing. Yeah. Then this is the game for you. So I think RAGE 2 Definitely gave me rage. Did you like that? So not really my jam. I will give it a 5 out of 10.

Chris - Okay well if you want it you might bear repeat playing but don't buy it for Danny Dyer. You can get it on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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