Retro Revival - Final Fantasy VII

Alex Rhodes plays Final Fantasy VII for the first time. Will he suck?
16 July 2019

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes


A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders


A Final Fantasy newbie discovers the definitive FF game for the first time. Can Alex Rhodes defeat Sin, after being forced to play by Chris Berrow?

Hello Chris. Yes I'm at home getting ready to play Final Fantasy it's a retro game so I thought I play in a retro manner well for me anyway. I'm back at my parents house with a PlayStation 4 is not quite in my mom's basement. I'm in the living room sat in front of the telly in the dressing gown as it's a Sunday probably too much information. But let's let's get going. I thought I'd go back to my gaming roots. I've never played a final fantasy game before. I don't really know what it's about. I think one of the characters is called Cloud the bad guys called surfer off. Maybe. Okay so.

We got new game special movie and additional credits. Let's go new game. It's flashing of all he controls. Now I'm never gonna remember all that but I'll pick it up.

Right. I'm gonna watch this. Cutscene. And I'll catch up with you when I've got to grips a little bit with the controls.

Okay here we go into the first battle. Right. Oh I've got a massive sort of good.

I'm going to attack Magic what item I thought was turn based but it looks like it's happening at the same time. It was basically a magic bolt.

Smashed it. My character has massive thighs I've noticed and it's called ex soldier. Level up used to be used to be in soldier. I don't think that's a mistranslation. I think that is the group. There's a group called Soldier 2 groups. OK so the soldier and avalanche. I think it's time based from what I can tell if I don't. Let me just experiment. So if I. Don't do anything Yeah it will just continue to attack me. It's not like take it in turns. It's kind of speed as well which is interesting. He's dead as well. I celebrate with my massive thighs and the equally massive sword.

I'm kind of with this team. The squad is kind of annoying. It's old glowered he's a bit. Angsty.

I'm enjoying it. So fights it's lots of like changes of camera angle the background. Things are looking really nice for the remastered version they probably did more on the models than they did the backgrounds the backgrounds probably look about similar in the models look kind of like this sort of chippy style sort blocky but they look good but another encounter this looks like the first boss encounter. Why is this thing. It's almost like a big four legged spider thing. He want me with his big scorpion tail they ever explain sometimes but this is A I suppose the other end of the spectrum. After you've been dropped in it a little and I don't really know what I'm doing in terms of the combat. You know. Getting.

Shot through here. Both characters down to low health is that it. Oh they're both dead. Game over a failed bet.

I thought at first though maybe this is one where you have to lose but clearly not. I've just failed so that's me dipping my toes into the world of Final Fantasy ending in horrendous failure as to be expected. I'm enjoyed it. You know I think it's good game I'm gonna definitely keep playing after I stopped recording this. I'd like a little bit more in terms of information on what is supposed to be doing. It's a remastered version but it's clearly pushing itself. You know this is making the most out of the console it was originally on the ringmaster is good it looks good it's buying colorful and you quickly get into it. The age definitely is a sort of barrier to enjoying it. It's good fun. Who knows maybe this will be the year to properly get into the Final Fantasy series.


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