Answers to Chemistry Questions

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08 April 2014

Is it okay to use a new phone straight from the box, or should you charge it up first?

21 January 2014

Do you suffer from white armpit stains? If so, how best to avoid? We sniff out the answer!

08 August 2013

Why does a glass of fizzy drink bubble over when icecubes are dropped into it? We ask a champagne specialist physicist!

08 August 2013

Could diamonds be mined out in Space? Could other planets form even better diamonds than Earth?

25 July 2013

What makes things sticky?

11 April 2013

Is artificial photosynthesis possible? If it's achieved in the lab, would it benefit mankind?

14 March 2013

How can protein sequences be used to predict 3d structure?

07 March 2013

Can a shrink-wrap treatment that claims to kill fat through lysis of fat cells be healthy? Would it really work?

23 December 2012

What factors affect the taste and texture of chewing gum?

28 October 2012

We ask, if we can melt a marshmallow over a campfire, why not a potato?