Answers to Chemistry Questions

Answers to questions about chemistry, matter, gases, fuels, green chemistry, nanotechnology...

14 April 2015

Unripe pears are dry, yet ripe pears are juicy so how do they become moist?

03 February 2015

We find out why oil and petrol creates a rainbow effect when in contact with water, and how the behaviour of light...

21 September 2014

Windows, computer screens and phones that never get grubby? What's the chemistry making that self cleaning glass...

19 August 2014

Can you tell why someone was crying just from looking at their tears? And why do people get so watery-eyed in the first...

04 August 2014

The burning issue of spontaneous human combustion, a scientific possibility?

12 May 2014

We ignite the issue with Professor of Chemistry and Fire Science, Richard Hull, from Lancaster University

08 April 2014

Is it okay to use a new phone straight from the box, or should you charge it up first?