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07 April 2014

Does a computer need more data storage than human DNA? Surely, our processing power is greater

31 March 2014

Are our modern lifestyles changing our DNA and leading to evolutionary changes? Will digits evolve to be more sensitive...

26 March 2014

Is elevator style travel across Earth a possibility?

24 December 2013

Please advise if you have any info on which type of lighting to use in the house. I recently heard that LED lights have...

02 December 2013

Why do lights lure moths and other insects at night? Are they mistaking the glow of a lamp for for faint luminscence of...

30 May 2013

We find out if street lights are affecting nature. Plus we ask, what is the tallest mountain possible?

21 March 2013

We rely increasingly on computer networks. Could our current civilisation cope without them?

14 March 2013

How can protein sequences be used to predict 3d structure?