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31 May 2019

Engineers have found a cheap way to measure the hand’s sense of touch - paving the way to better prosthetics.

17 May 2019

Video streaming consumes 3% of global electricity, a new study examines how streaming habits contribute.

03 May 2019

Prominently posted rules in online forums decrease harassment, whilst boosting participation, new study finds.

28 February 2019

Watch out what you plug into your mobile device - the cables might be offering hackers a backdoor to your machine...

18 February 2019

A wireless brain-to-brain interface allows humans to guide live rats through a complex maze…

13 February 2019

A new device turns injections into drugs you can swallow...

09 February 2019

How understandable speech has been reconstructed from brain activity...

02 February 2019

New techniques make carbon capture 24% better...

01 February 2019

Scientists learn more about how a Martian mountain formed...

18 January 2019

New AI software scales up the data collection of large groups by identifying every single animal...

20 December 2018

Growing bio-inspired shapes with hundreds of tiny robots.

07 December 2018

‘Nano-tweezers’ create electric fields capable of trapping single molecules and extracting them from living cells.

04 December 2018

A soft robot has been given a ‘nervous system’ so it can sense when you touch it.

27 September 2018

How much sun is too much? Scientists have made a wristband sensor that will tell us just that...

07 September 2018

The sun is a free and plentiful energy source which could be used to produce clean fuel. New research moves us closer...

31 August 2018

Can the use of improved satellite navigation devices actually make driving safer?

16 July 2018

A hearing aid system that uses light to send sound signals into the nervous system has been developed by researchers in...

13 July 2018

A group of scientists are using virtual reality technology to treat fear of heights…

21 June 2018

For the first time ever, a robot has been used to perform surgery on the human eye

21 March 2018

Driverless cars used to be something that only appeared in science fiction, but they’re swiftly becoming a reality....

02 February 2018

The beginning of the genome revolution?

08 December 2017

Can computers speak dolphin?

23 November 2017

New hair-thin brain probe could revolutionise how we record brain activity