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23 June 2023

Also, how big are protons and electrons? And why do all babies have straight hair?

09 June 2023

How do we know that our colours are universal? Why do stinging nettles sting?

02 June 2023

Plus flyspray, muscle memory, king cobras and the physics of freefall...

27 May 2023

What makes an appendix burst? Why do we blush?

19 May 2023

Plus, how far off is the horizon, and why is it always at eye-level? Also Covid-19 boosters and what makes hiccups...

14 May 2023

Why do we dream? And why is the Earth still so hot?

28 April 2023

Why is it the more you scratch the more you itch? Why can't I stand the taste of coriander?

21 April 2023

Also, what makes the brain age? And can dogs get headaches?

31 March 2023

Why are printer cartridges so expensive? How does one grasp infinity?

24 March 2023

Plus, what makes TB so drug resistant, and what's the point of going to Mars?

17 March 2023

Before we can speak, what language do we think in? Can you transplant the same organ multiple times?

17 March 2023

Are best before dates a mandatory thing? Why does scratching an itch feel good?

03 March 2023

Why do women stop producing breast milk?

06 February 2023

Why is that hard, and how did rhyme, song and rhythm evolve? Also, we take a look at treatments for cataracts...

20 January 2023

Also, why do stars appear to flicker, or move? And can animals experience regret?

13 January 2023

Why do the half moons under our nails disappear as we get older?

06 January 2023

Also, does flash photography harm baby's eyesight? and what does it mean to be double-jointed?

04 January 2023

Also, is carbonated water better for you than still water? And Is there a cure for tinnitus?

16 December 2022

Why does nothing last anymore? Why does a blackout occur?

09 December 2022

Also, What makes us human? And why is there only life on Earth?

02 December 2022

How did the moon form? And can you escape a black hole?

25 November 2022

Also, how do genetically modified crops work? and why do some animals bob their head as they walk?

11 November 2022

How bad are space missions for the environment here on earth? Why are we attracted to certain tastes?