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08 July 2022

Yoghurt or probiotics? Why is milk white? Why does my heart rate increase in cold water?

01 July 2022

Plus, chainsaw hypotheses, Star Trek and mathematical puzzles...

24 June 2022

A children's special edition; can Dr Chris Smith crack their imaginative science dilemmas?

17 June 2022

Researchers dose mice with a bottomless boozy bath to find out if alcohol warms the body, sounds rather nice

03 June 2022

Will a donor arm leave a different DNA fingerprint at a crime scene...?

27 May 2022

What are stars made of? How do ants breathe? How does a person catch chickenpox?

20 May 2022

Aeroplanes also have round windows, but why. Plus, farts, brain capacity and lightning travelling through your plumbing...

02 May 2022

Plus do dogs get depressed, and why do my ears pop during take off aboard an aeroplane?

08 April 2022

And what's the difference between a sickness, a disease, an illness, an affliction, a malaise and a disorder?

04 April 2022

And why are humans still born with bits we don't need - will evolution do away with them?

18 March 2022

Plus, firelighters and food, crocodiles and Helicobacter pylori...

01 March 2022

Are their children genetically brother and sister?

20 February 2022

And what's spacetime and how does entanglement work?

07 February 2022

Would the lunar surface make a good observatory? And how do tides work?

14 January 2022

Also, Covid vaccine 2.0, and where has the flu gone...

24 December 2021

Plus, where old Covids go, how chickens make eggs, and how to power space probes...

04 December 2021

Snoring, memories, boiling kettles and viral evolution all feature this week...

20 November 2021

Does offloading thought processes onto apps diminish thinking power, and why are some people sluggish in the mornings...

11 November 2021

The enigma of spinal cord regeneration, and what's the Universe expanding into?

03 November 2021

What's the duration of the protection after a jab, or natural infection, plus a host of head-scratchers from...

25 October 2021

How similar is the brain of my best friend? And how much of my IQ do I own to my genes?

15 October 2021

Batteries, clouds, cheese and dreams, Captain Kirk in space, and are farts infectious...