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07 August 2015

How do humans generate body heat, how does rice fix a waterlogged phone and why don't...

31 July 2015

Why do we get nosebleeds? Can you use a sonic booms as a weapon?

24 July 2015

Are intelligent people more prone to depression? Will we ever exceed the speed of light?

17 July 2015

Why does the placebo effect work? Why does scratching relieve itches?

10 July 2015

Why do we get old and die? Does food affect your mood?

03 July 2015

How high can a fly fly? Are you more likely to get ill in cold weather?

19 June 2015

What is the Earth made from? Where has the Voyager 1 spacecraft gone?

12 June 2015

Does Botox harm your face? Why is the speed of aircraft limted?

05 June 2015

What happens when you swallow gum? Is there life out there? Would you decompose in space?

29 May 2015

Why do people have regional accents? What do male mosquitoes eat?

22 May 2015

When losing weight, where does the fat go? How can I stop snoring?

08 May 2015

Why are babies tummies always swollen? Do our brains function at 100%?

01 May 2015

Why do we develop allergies? Which tectonic plates caused the Nepalese earthquake?

24 April 2015

Where are mosquitoes during the winter? Why can't I whistle as I get older?

17 April 2015

Will we ever be able to record dreams? How does seedless fruit reproduce?

10 April 2015

Can you control someone's dream? What determines the colour of the sea?

02 April 2015

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27 March 2015

What causes goosebumps? How close does lightning need to be to hurt you?

20 March 2015

What causes thunder and lightning? Can you compress light?

13 March 2015

How do satellites stay in orbit? What is the sun made of?

06 March 2015

Can you rewind the radio? Can candles give you cancer?

27 February 2015

Why do I get a stitch when I exercise? Why do ropes get tangled up in knots?

20 February 2015

Why does stress give me knots in my stomach? How does sun cream work?

06 February 2015

Can we manufacture water? Can animals predict the weather? Plus, counting chickens.