Covid Surges in Europe

Why vaccination might be deciding the difference between Covid case rates in Europe and the UK...
29 November 2021
Presented by Chris Smith
Production by Chris Smith.


COVID vaccine in gloved hand


Covid cases in many European countries are suddenly substantially up; so much so that some, like the Netherlands and Austria, are back in what they say will be short term lockdowns, while others, like France, have imposed a range of restrictions to stem the flow of cases and protect their healthcare services. And in a dramatic role reversal, the UK has gone from the standout Covid-19 bad boy of Europe to one of the better performers in terms of daily cases and hospitalisations. Many have been speculating as to why and whether we’re either ahead of the Covid curve, or behind it. According to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s Lloyd Chapman, who’s been modelling the pattern of the outbreaks in Europe, vaccination is the linchpin, and that’s where the UK stands out...


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