Phthalate linked to premature births

A chemical contaminant, commonly found in plastics, has been linked to increased risk of pre-term birth...
28 April 2020
Presented by Chris Smith
Production by Phil Sansom.


An aisle of dairy products in a supermarket.


Researchers have discovered a link between certain chemicals found in plastics and the premature births. The chemicals are from a class called phthalates, and they’re used in a wide variety of household products as well as in food processing lines. However, when they get into people’s bodies, there’s evidence that they can disrupt human hormone systems. And now American scientists have found that women whose bodies had high levels of a particular phthalate just before they conceived ended up significantly more likely to give birth too soon. Carmen Messerlian, an epidemiologist at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard, explained her study to Phil Sansom…


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