Type 2 Diabetes Reversed in Rats

Almost 4 million people in the UK have Type 2 diabetes, but can it be reversed?
15 November 2017
Presented by Heather Wark
Production by Heather Wark.


Last year, Diabetes UK reported that almost 4 million people in the UK are living with diabetes. Around 90% of these cases are classed as Type 2, which is often linked with obesity. Interestingly, Type 2 diabetes has been reversed in people undergoing weight loss surgery, who have been able to leave hospital after only a few days no longer needing their diabetes medication. Studies have suggested it's not the surgery itself, but the calorie restricted diet that follows which is responsible. Now, a team at Yale University has investigated the mechanisms by which this reversal is made possible. Heather Wark spoke to Dr. Rachel Perry, who was part of the study, to find out how it was done.


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