UK Back in Lockdown

What have we learned about Covid19 immunity, incubation periods, testing and mink?
09 November 2020
Presented by Chris Smith with Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand National. 
Production by Chris Smith.


Covid-19 blood test sample


Virologist Dr Chris Smith joins Radio New Zealand National's Kim Hill to talk Covid-19. Why is the UK back in a lockdown, and did the measure come too late? How are we testing for the virus and how many cases are we missing? What is the incubation period, and what's the prospect for long term immunity?


i am always glad to see /hear you on BBC Breakfast for your cogent explanations, but my eyes are always drawn to what looks like an audio mixing desk on your left and an enormous stack of electronics behind you! I am a retired engineer and amateur musician and would love to know what it is! Whatever it is I want one!

Those reports are coming from Naked Scientists HQ where we also record the podcasts and radio programmes. It's a radio studio - and now frequently a TV studio (!) - and the gear you can see is part and parcel of that.

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