Retro Revival - Apple Arcade

As Apple Arcade is launched with 100 games available, we look at the top 5!
21 October 2019

Interview with 

Dr Tony Fisher with Olly & Phoebe, broadcasters and Apple Arcade enthusiasts


A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders


Tony Fisher and his superstar reviewers Olly and Phoebe review Apple Arcade...

Tony - On the Apple App Store particularly for Apple TV a lot of the games were shall we say below par. They weren't very exciting. So with Apple Arcade and all the trailers that came out beforehand we had high hopes... and I'm pleased to say Olly is with me now. Before we go through our top five games full up arcade…. what's your view on the game platform itself. What do you make of it?

Olly - I think it's like really good job they're like age appropriate and I think there’s 100 plus games. They're family friendly which means I can play them.

Tony - And that's a big thing isn't it. Cause quite a lot of games are 12 is a 16 and 18. Phoebe. A quick word from you what do you make of what you've seen of Apple Arcade. You're not quite as big a gamer as Olly, but you do like a game on your phone don't you as well.

Phoebe - I think it's a really good idea because like all the games are age appropriate and they're not like low quality games.

Tony - And also because we're running it through the Apple TV we can run any device through it so Bluetooth remote devices we've had the one that was made for Apple the actual Siri device which isn't very good for gameplaym and now we can hook up Bluetooth to the PS4 controller to play the Apple TV games. So enough of the geek-ism... let us give you our top five Apple TV games on the new Apple arcade.

Tony - At number five. Frogger in Toy Town. What do we have to do in this one.

Olly - So basically it’s crossing roads.

Tony - At number four. Phoebe what have you chosen.

Phoebe - Projection..

Tony - And what's projection like?

Phoebe - It's all about shadows and doing like a little girl following a dream.

Tony - Yeah ingenious bit a gameplay here where you have to cast a shadow which makes a little bridge that gets you from one place to another... so it's a platformer but it's got a real serene quality about it that's Projection at number four.

Number 3… here's a one you'll see tons of trailers for even bus sightings at number 3.

Olly - Hot Lava.

Tony - So you've got hot lava on the floor and you've got to jump from one bit of furniture to another

So what is the number two game

Olly -  Sayanora Wild Hearts

Tony - A wonderfully immersive game because of the visuals I think that's the thing that's worth mentioning here. The visuals is now there's music in the background it's so. Imaginative isn't it. A very neon world isn't it. So it's not a fully imagined landscape it's very dreamlike isn't it.
Olly - And how you can fly.

Tony - Great soundtrack as well. Sayonara Wild Hearts at number two... very playable.

And the number one game is.

Olly & Phoebe - Sneaky Sasquatch.

Tony - This is the one that was really the spearhead of the campaign for Apple Arcade and Olly can tell you a little bit more about why this is the number one and what you have to do in the game.

Olly - So let's say it's like a survival game.

Tony - Yes you are a sasquatch and you are wandering through this campsite. Yeah and you've got to pick up things along the way and you have to go back to bed a little bit like Minecraft we have got to go back to bed at certain times when it gets dark. But the animation is really quirky. It's great fun. It's very very playable and it's a brilliant one to play with all the family. So number one is Sneaky Sasquatch.

Chris Berrow - Great reviewing. Dr Tony Fisher... Olly and Phoebe his kids... you can come again anytime.



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