Review - Mario Kart Tour

Is the latest free-to-play Mario Kart Tour for mobile devices any good?
21 October 2019

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes, Mushroom Enthusiast


A playstation controller


Alex Rhodes reviews Mario Kart Tour...

Alex - I'm slightly ill this week, stricken down by a deadly case of the man flu... for which there is no cure. As we all know. But that won't stop me playing some Mario Kart some enjoying some sweets Mario Kart action... I've downloaded it for my phone. I'm ready to go. Let's open it up let's get ready. Let's go. Let's a go. As Mario says. Guess what character I just got assigned. Toad. I don't know if you start with like a basic character. We get a car as well. Now. Weirdly you play it vertically. Okay here we go... three two one go.

So you accelerate along... I’ve crashed. I tell you I would not be able to get insurance in the Mushroom Kingdom. I'd just be bouncing off everything... turn turn turn turn turn turn turn turn round round round round round round... and whenever I’ve play Mario Kart before I've got a controller my hands... normally... oh I'm in the air... I'm flying... it’s a Diddy Kong Racing rip off -  if you remember that you get to go paragliding.

I think to compensate with the fact that they know the controls are a bit fiddly, you’re going slower... like your base speed is lower... it doesn't have that kind of racing feel somehow.

Okay first that I spent most of the game just smashing into the barriers but I won that race so well done. Now I think you get a reward can go.

Right time for an actual race now, so you get to choose you know your character. I'm also a little worried because it's showing the list of my competitors... a lot of Japanese names in there which makes me a bit concerned that I'm gonna get thoroughly thrashed, because I think this game came out in Japan before it hit the West. I mean not that it's gonna make a difference I'm gonna lose anyway right.

My kart looks tiny and ridiculous. Okay. I picked Bowser - a slow character but it does let me bash people out the way. I've just bashed Hitori out the way... I am currently first. I think it's hopefully ranked me against other complete amateurs.

Somehow I'm first I'm ahead of the pack. Come on come on come. I've what I've actually got a won it.

Unbelievable scenes Chris unbelievable scenes despite being a rank amateur despite not being able to use the controls very well. This is huge. Unstoppable Unstoppable. Suddenly I kind of like this game a bit more now. That's that's weird isn't it. You know now that I've dominated the competition suddenly maybe it's not all bad. Okay. That'll do for now. I'm gonna go on a high because that was incredible.

Chris Berrow - Just a note to say that unfortunately Alex wasn't racing online players, for some reason the game tries to trick you into thinking you are. But Mario Kart Tour isavailable to download now, free on your phone. 



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