Articles, podcasts, interviews and answers to questions about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and the wider coronavirus family...

19 September 2023

Charting a commendable career of public service, saving millions of lives during the HIV and Covid crises...

19 September 2023

And what's next for Dr. Fauci?

15 September 2023

Plus, the molecule dubbed a 'slam dunk' sign of life is detected on a planet in our galaxy...

15 September 2023

It could tell us how long people are infectious for...

25 August 2023

And what symptoms they would suffer if they did....

25 August 2023

And would they get ill if they could...

11 August 2023

A new laboratory has been launched to keep tabs on infectious diseases

09 June 2023

Why are we looking into the UK government's handling of the COVID pandemic?

02 June 2023

Signatories pledge cross country cooperation to fight diseases of the future...

19 May 2023

Plus, how far off is the horizon, and why is it always at eye-level? Also Covid-19 boosters and what makes hiccups...

28 April 2023

'The Big Catch Up' is hoping to offset the immunisations that weren't given during the COVID pandemic

11 April 2023

Plus, scientists manufacture meatball made of mammoth

11 April 2023

A WHO official accuses Beijing of getting in the way of fighting future pandemics...

06 February 2023

Will the hundreds of millions of SARS-CoV-2 cases in one of Asia's most populated countries forge a new variant...

09 December 2022

The chance discovery which weakens the likelihood of catching Covid...

25 November 2022

How artificial enzymes can be programmed to attack COVID

22 November 2022

How do certain genes affect our susceptibility ot illnesses?

22 November 2022

How do we track outbreaks back to their source?

13 November 2022

Are we witnessing the collapse of the NHS in real time?

23 October 2022

Social distancing and face mask wearing has delayed language and speech development of babies

21 October 2022

A lack of interaction and exploration due to the pandemic means some infants are behind on social development

18 October 2022

Are reawakening, dormant viruses to blame? And what's the prognosis for the one person in twenty left feeling low...

18 October 2022

There may be dormant viruses of different types lingering in the body and reawakened by coronavirus infection to cause...

18 October 2022

How are researchers tackling long COVID?