Articles, podcasts, interviews and answers to questions about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and the wider coronavirus family...

14 June 2024

Plus, a century-old cricket bowling machine is brought back to life...

10 May 2024

Staying one step ahead of potential zoonotic diseases...

15 March 2024

Plus, we look back on the life of Paul Alexander, who lived inside an iron lung for 70 years...

14 March 2024

What lessons have been learned?

12 March 2024

Probing the pathologies behind long term COVID symptoms

12 March 2024

And why is the length so variable?

12 March 2024

A familiar story to some...

12 March 2024

How it afflicts the day to day life of sufferers

13 February 2024

And understanding why might be part of finding a cure...

19 January 2024

Plus, could taking large glasses of wine off the menu change drinking habits?

19 January 2024

Protein analysis finds a molecular fingerprint in those suffering symptoms long after infection with the virus

08 December 2023

What did we learn, and what lessons can we take from it?

17 November 2023

Also, why do moths have dusty wings?

27 October 2023

Plus, a breakthrough in cervical cancer treatment

27 October 2023

Thousands of people in the UK still suffer from symptoms a year later...

10 October 2023

We speak to experts on learning from the past to fight diseases of the future...

10 October 2023

Nipping the anti-science movement in the bud...

10 October 2023

The factors behind an increased risk in pandemics...

10 October 2023

What lessons have been learned from COVID?

06 October 2023

And what is the difference between old and new vaccines?

03 October 2023

Why she left the medical setting, and why she came back

29 September 2023

What the future of vaccines might look like

19 September 2023

Charting a commendable career of public service, saving millions of lives during the HIV and Covid crises...