In Short

In short: brief podcast episodes telling compelling science stories.

24 July 2015

Scientists have produced the first 3D, beating human heart chamber from a single stem cell

17 July 2015

Scientists have found evidence that may link volcanoes to the fall of the Roman Empire.

15 July 2015

Could we separate the health benefits from psychoactive properties in marijuana?

14 July 2015

A substance that directly causes brain ageing has been uncovered for the first time...

14 July 2015

A study tracking bee populations shows that they do not mix well with climate change.

13 July 2015

Half of all children with a genetic anxious temperament go on to develop depression

13 July 2015

All hail self-driving taxis, as they could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 94%.

04 July 2015

A study on mice has shown males and females feel pain via different biological pathways.

03 July 2015

What do fish and aircraft have in common?

30 June 2015

Tonight, a second will be added to clocks across the world, but what is this leap second?

23 June 2015

Proton pump inhibitors could significantly increase your risk of suffering a heart attack

22 June 2015

A new brain implant resembling chicken wire can be used to stimulate the nervous system.

22 June 2015

75 million year-old dinosaur blood cells and protein fibres found in fossils.

22 June 2015

Hawkmoths can hover, eat and track motion all in the pitch black. How do they do it?

15 June 2015

Images from the WISE spacecraft give insight into how Saturn's largest ring was formed.

12 June 2015

Coffee is an essential part of life for many of us, but could it help to cut depression?

12 June 2015

Relieving stress at fault lines, using fluid injection, could prevent huge earthquakes...

05 June 2015

The specific genes that cause schizophrenic symptoms have been found...

18 May 2015

How does selective hearing really work?

18 May 2015

Dressing in red might have your colleagues seeing you in a different light...

18 May 2015

Our winter immune response could be increasing our risk of heart attacks...

18 May 2015

Doctors are campaigning to combat 'over-treatment' of NHS patients...

18 May 2015

Baboons pick their buddies in the same way we do!

15 May 2015

Modelling algae cells turning inside out, might help us understand how we're made!