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21 August 2021

An outbreak has New Zealand in lockdown, but what's the lowdown on Delta worldwide?

09 August 2021

Scientists found pets and their owners harbouring antibiotic-resistant bacteria

07 August 2021

The consequences of freedom day on Covid-19 numbers in the UK...

05 August 2021

A new study in mice has identified a promising drug that targets bits of blood cells the parasite relies on

04 August 2021

Record-shattering temperatures are to be expected in the coming years according to a new study

27 July 2021

The risks of nuclear power and simulating asteroid impacts: the scientist and student perspective

27 July 2021

Nuclear reactors on the coast: do the risks outweigh the advantages?

14 July 2021

A new report says it’s the modern home environment - rather than the way we clean it - that matters...

07 July 2021

Do waterways always recover when the rains return? New research suggests they may not...

06 July 2021

An ancient skull, uncovered decades ago in China, might well be humankind's closest relative...

05 July 2021

T-rex dominated communities had fewer mid-sized predators - possibly because teen T-rexes filled the gap...

02 July 2021

New research suggests that sharks use a "magnetic map" for long-distance navigation...

01 July 2021

Pollen patties filled with enzymes may prevent bees from ingesting harmful pesticides

28 June 2021

What is the latest with the coronavirus situation?

25 June 2021

There's mice flooding Australia, but are they dangerous?

22 June 2021

Scientists fertilise eggs with sperm frozen in space for 5 years, and squid head for the ISS

09 June 2021

The world is always on the lookout for new drugs & synthetic proteins. These cells can make them for us...

27 May 2021

Scientists have developed a new "keyhole surgery" method to extract metals from certain types of rocks

19 May 2021

The first shipment of Atomik vodka - supposedly safe to drink - is awaiting release from Ukrainian customs...

13 May 2021

A new animal-inspired camera can assist surgeons removing tumours...

12 May 2021

At one bank, loan officers rejected significantly more restructuring requests after a few hours' work...

10 May 2021

Scihub makes research papers available for free. Could users be in danger? Daniel Himmelstein says no...

30 April 2021

It's not just wheat that has ears! Noise is having a knock-on effect on plant reproduction across the field...