Review – Pokemon Masters

Should you download the latest free-to-play Pokemon game - Pokemon Masters?
21 September 2019

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast


A playstation controller


Alex Rhodes reviews the latest Pokemon game - Pokemon Masters.

This isn't why I was expecting at all. Let's just tap on Misty's face. "Ever since I teamed up with you I felt that my Pokemon and I have become closer than ever before." You are laying it on a bit thick there Misty - we've literally just met.

Welcome. Explore. Main story. With some kind of battle thing going on. "These lot are angry because it's against the rules to force a Pokemon trainer to battle when they don't want to".

Street thug is not having any of it though. Or punk girl. We're springing to the rescue there. Oh right. It's more like an RPG in the sense that you've got your characters. They each have a Pokemon - this is a real step up from Pokemon GO, it's very slick you know lots of animations going on already.

Brock attacks. That's a pretty good animation. How did your parents say Pokemon? Mine say Poke-man. This is definitely got a lot more going on. Yeah that's right street punk. Boom. Victory. Very slick really... impressed so far. One thing that's levied against Pokemon a lot is that not enough has changed and they don't really have an excuse for that because you know they could invest a lot of money.

Everyone's been crying out for a full console... proper console pokemon game. We are going to see that with the Switch now. But like they were late to the party with it and the Pokemon Copany make literally all the money in the world. Pokemon Go was the most popular app ever. They make loads on the merchandising in the anime and you know the movies that's like 50 movies with Pokemon. It's been pretty static for a long time. There is the argument if it ain't broke don't fix it. Fair enough but the same time I think this is more in the right direction... it's actually changing the formula.

So yeah I'm enjoying this Chris it's pretty good. And also you know the voice acting. That's something they generally don't have. So I'm gonna figure out see if I can change my nickname. Yeah.

Thanks I'll put me on to this one Chris. It's a solid game this and it's worth your time.



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