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29 November 2021

Why vaccination might be deciding the difference between Covid case rates in Europe and the UK...

20 November 2021

Some vaccines confer lifelong protection, but Covid-19 protection wears off. Find out why...

17 November 2021

A new milestone in nuclear fusion research was achieved at the largest laser facility in the world.

16 November 2021

Dozing off outside of this window increases the risk of missing critical solar cues with knock on effects.....

16 November 2021

.. and this is crucial for our ocean ecosystems

11 November 2021

Modified antibiotics use the immune system to become much more effective against otherwise resistant bacteria

10 November 2021

Some very good dogs can identify individual words from a string of syllables

10 November 2021

Researchers have been turning proteins into music, using AI to make it sound as pleasant as possible.

10 November 2021

We tend to take the pointiest, rather than the fastest, route to our destination when walking in cities

10 November 2021

The technology makes clean hydrogen from renewables, but how is this gas going to help in a green economy?

04 November 2021

A new rapid diagnostic, based on nanotubes, might be the answer to rapid coronavirus diagnosis...

29 October 2021

Rather than disease spreading through the brain, how quickly disease-associated proteins increase in individual brain...

21 October 2021

Frequent exposure to hot and cold could make you lose weight and improve your sleep

20 October 2021

Huge numbers of old electrical items are piling up in our homes - recycling them helps recover key materials

19 October 2021

An immortal cell line finds itself at the centre of a new lawsuit, raising big ethical questions

13 October 2021

Injections with a new compound that inhibits pain nerve cells greatly reduced pain behaviour in rodents

24 September 2021

Boris Johnson has stepped back from introducing vaccine passports across England. Why?

23 September 2021

A cheap membrane filter that can remove fluoride from drinking water has been developed

17 September 2021

Synthetic biology company opens its new Cambridge headquarters

14 September 2021

New research suggests we could be upsetting a carefully balanced ecosystem by feeding birds all year long

10 September 2021

Is the new academic year destined to provoke a rush of Covid-19 cases in the UK?

09 September 2021

New data shows that teenagers are succumbing to long COVID

07 September 2021

Seeing outrage tweets make us more likely to express outrage

07 September 2021

The Hubble Space Telescope has found water vapour around Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede