In Short

In short: brief podcast episodes telling compelling science stories.

14 November 2014

Shift work can add as much as 6 additional years to your brain's cognitive age...

14 November 2014

Why dogs have owners but cats still have 'staff.'

14 November 2014

The environment people inhabit can predict their religious beliefs, new research has shown

14 November 2014

Internal clock that wakes you up discovered by Imperial team.

10 November 2014

Healthy, intelligent or both for a CEO or leader? Researchers have found the answer...

10 November 2014

Tim Bussey is re-releasing a record from the 80s to highlight gender inequality in science

31 October 2014

Understanding the human genome takes another step forward.

21 October 2014

Murderous mussels and killer shrimp are poised for a UK invasion.

15 October 2014

Our furry four-legged friends lend a paw in disease detection...

30 September 2014

Could raising the price of alcohol reduce the costs of alcohol abuse?

30 September 2014

What part of our brain really sets us apart from the other animals?

29 September 2014

Your sense or loss of smell may be a predictor of impending death in seniors.

29 September 2014

A new study has established a direct connection between birds' evolution and dinosaurs.

29 September 2014

Perovskite solar cells may provide the key to higher electricity outputs in the future...

29 September 2014

The common cold can make asthma symptoms worsen in the winter, but why?

28 September 2014

30 day old baby snapper fish speak to each other in order to stick together in the sea

26 September 2014

During cardiac arrest should you be taken to the hospital or treated at the scene?

25 September 2014

Are you a strategic decision-maker or do you choose something totally random?

19 September 2014

How many people will occupy our planet by the end of the century? A lot...

17 September 2014

Miniature radio transmitters the size of ants have recently been developed...

15 September 2014

Scientists have been able to alter emotional memories in mice by using light.

14 September 2014

Find out about the research into back pain that may help couples to get more intimate...

11 September 2014

Mental health support online with the help of assessment tool 'myGRiST'

10 September 2014

We checked in with rising stars in engineering and physical sciences about their research