In Short

In short: brief podcast episodes telling compelling science stories.

14 May 2015

'Filter bubbles' on Facebook bias the information individuals see and read...

24 April 2015

How genetics coordinates embryonic development.

24 April 2015

Men tend to donate competitively on webs pages run by attractive female fundraisers

24 April 2015

Genetically modify me: the science and safety of genetic modification

24 April 2015

How genetic sequencing makes modern science tick.

22 April 2015

Western societies are missing important gut bacteria due to modern sanitation practices.

21 April 2015

How does your brain interpret a noise?

21 April 2015

GM Salmonella can be used to combat cancer

20 April 2015

The elusive substance could be interacting with itself, massive galaxy collision reveals.

14 April 2015

The Moon's origins are mysterious, but new evidence has shed some light on the matter...

13 April 2015

A relative of T. rex has been shown to have exhibited cannibalism.

02 April 2015

What is it about yeast which makes it so useful in bread making?

26 March 2015

Scientists have discovered how bats avoid collisions using a simple set of rules...

15 March 2015

Scientists have come up with a new technology that uses the room lighting to transmit data

15 March 2015

When did humans begin to change the world beyond recognition?

09 March 2015

People in the Andes have adapted to the high levels of arsenic in their surroundings.

07 March 2015

Dr Kat Arney meets Sophie the Stegosaurus, and her researcher Charlotte Brassey

06 March 2015

NASA's Dawn probe is bearing down on Ceres. What do we hope to learn from the asteroid?

25 February 2015

In this FameLab talk, hear all about the underwater assassin: the snapping shrimp!

22 February 2015

Tiny atom sized holes can transform the colour of diamonds.

15 February 2015

Could worms help scientists understand what effects living in space could have on humans?

13 February 2015

We can't see it, but it must be there. Scientists are hunting for this elusive dark matter

07 February 2015

Thinking about things that are important to us improves how we respond to health advice

06 February 2015

The way scorpion venom kills its victims has inspired a novel way to look for new drugs